How To Create a Pre-Order

Follow the steps below to create a Pre-Order. The steps below assume you are logged into your Shopify admin portal.

Step 1: Tag Your Products

Go to the Products page on your Shopify admin, find all the products you wish to be on pre-order and apply a tag to all of them. For instance you could tag them all with "preorder" or something more specific like "blue-purse-preorder"

Step 2: Create the Pre-Order Set

Go to the Apps section of your Shopify admin and launch the Pre-Order Alpha app. Look for the button to create a new Pre-Order set and click on it. You'll want to set the following fields:

  • Title: Give it a title you like and its easy to recognize later. Eg: "Yellow Jacket Pre-Order"
  • Product Tag: Make sure to set this to the tag you used in Step 1.
  • Hit the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Thats It!

Your pre-order is now live! Make sure to check out your Shopify store, search for your pre-order products, and make sure you see them now marked as pre-order on your store

Did That Work?

Were you able to see pre-order items on your Shopify store? If not, don't panic 😄 the app is not broken. Check out this page for some tips! Or contact us and we'll get you up and running in a jiffy.

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