Customizing a Pre-Order

There's a lot you can do to make Pre-Order Alpha work even better for you and your customers.

Pre-Order Ribbons & Decorations

You can customize how the Pre-Order products are embelished on your Shopify store. You can change the color, placement, and text of the Pre-Order ribbons that are displayed over your products.

  • Log into your Shopify admin portal and launch the Pre-Order Alpha app.
  • Locate the appropriate Pre-Order set and click on it to edit.
  • Scroll to the "Thumbnail Decorations" section. Here, you can:
    • Change the ribbon color to better suit your shop theme. Set the hex color code and use the preview image to make sure it looks great. PS you can use an online color picker tool to get a hex color code you like.
    • Switch the ribbon placement between top-left and top-right.
    • Change the text on the ribbon to something better suited, eg. "Coming Soon".
    • You can also disable the ribbon entirely. However, all other Pre-Order customizations will still be in full effect, and the products will still effectively be Pre-Order products.
  • Don't forget to hit the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to apply your customizations.

Pre-Order Info

Some Pre-Order items come with special instructions. Maybe you'd like to let your customers know why the product is on Pre-Order, or offer additional details for the Pre-Order products.

For this, you can set the details in the "Pre-Order Information" field

Order Tagging

You can choose to specify a tag that will be applied to any orders that were placed for Pre-Order products. This can be especially helpful if you'd the ability to filter your orders to only show those that contain Pre-Order products.

To enable this, specify this tag in the "Orders Tag" field for your Pre-Order set.

Purchase Button Customization

To enable or disable the "Buy It Now" button for a Pre-Order item, you want to toggle the "Hide 'Buy Now' Button" setting for your Pre-Order set on Pre-Order Alpha

To change the label of the "Add to Cart" button, you can set the "'Add to Cart' Button Label" field for your Pre-Order set on Pre-Order Alpha. For instance you can change the button to say "Place Custom Order".

Multiple Pre-Order Sets

Remember you can have multiple Pre-Order sets. For instance you can have different sets of products on Pre-Order. In such a case, it could be better to create multiple pre-order sets and have them customized separately. For instance you could tag all Pre-Order bags with one tag, then tag all Pre-Order shoes with a different tag. Then create different Pre-Order sets for these. Then on your store you could have Pre-Order ribbons for shoes be blue, and Pre-Order ribons for bags be red. Or as a different example, you could send different notification emails to your customers depending on when each item is back in store. If you need help with this, or some clarification, do not hesitate to contact us!

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